A case study of absolute synonymy

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A case study of absolute synonymy

A case study of absolute synonymy

Volume 41, Issue 11NovemberPages Plesionymy: A case of synonymy or contrast? Author links open overlay panel PetraStorjohann Show more https: This view suggested that pairs of terms such as foggy—misty, fearless—brave exhibit significant shared semantic traits that are more salient than their differences.

A case study of absolute synonymy

Differing properties were considered to be subordinate. These are sometimes contextually foregrounded resulting in occasional oppositeness. Corpus studies show that this view is a broad generalization.

This study sheds new light on German plesionyms by employing a corpus-linguistic approach. In particular, terms designating gradable properties e.

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The position taken is that a relation of synonymy and contrast are equally a matter of construal. Both types of semantic relations are part of the conceptual and lexical knowledge and subject to a cognitive principle. This work also examines how plesionym relations are realized in discourse.

This article demonstrates that plesionyms are co-occurrences within typical lexico-syntactic sequences. Previous article in issue.absolute synonymy (which is a theoretical concept because it cannot be proven), cognitive synonymy (which denotes the sameness of cognitive meaning) and near- synonymy (as the similarity of meaning).

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Students have to use APA referencing style. Read through the following case study carefully before answering the questions. This is an individual assessment.

Task Read through the following case study carefully before answering the questions. MARY KAY'S EC SYSTEMS Founded in , Mary Kay . In sum, definitions of synonymy are relative to the theoretical framework adopted, and particularly dependent on the definition of meaning. What you call "absolute synonymy" can also be what has been defined as logical or full synonymy, but not everyone will agree.

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Synonymy may also refer to the study of synonyms or to a list of synonyms. In the words of Dagmar Divjak, near-synonymy (the relationship between different lexemes that express similar meanings) is "a fundamental phenomenon that influences the structure of our .

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