Albert speer study case

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Albert speer study case

His father gave him a job as manager of the elder Speer's properties. While they were there, his friend, Nazi Party official Karl Hankerecommended the young architect to Joseph Goebbels to help renovate the Party's Berlin headquarters.

Speer agreed to do the work. Neither the organizers nor Rudolf Hess were willing to decide whether to approve the plans, and Hess sent Speer to Hitler's Munich apartment to seek his approval.

At the end of he contracted Paul Troost to renovate the entire building.

Albert speer study case

Hitler appointed Speer, whose work for Goebbels had impressed him, to manage the building site for Troost. After one of these briefings, Hitler invited Speer to lunch, to the architect's great excitement. Speer quickly became part of Hitler's inner circle; he was expected to call on Hitler in the morning for a walk or chat, to provide consultation on architectural matters, and to discuss Hitler's ideas.

Albert speer study case

Most days he was invited to dinner. Hitler spoke of Speer as a "kindred spirit" for whom he had always maintained "the warmest human feelings". If Hitler had had any friends at all, I certainly would have been one of his close friends. Hitler appointed Speer as head of the Chief Office for Construction, which placed him nominally on Hess's staff.

This huge work was able to holdpeople. Speer described this as his most beautiful work, and as the only one that stood the test of time. Such ruins would be a testament to the greatness of Nazi Germany, just as ancient Greek or Roman ruins were symbols of the greatness of those civilizations.

The German and Soviet pavilion sites were opposite each other. On learning through a clandestine look at the Soviet plans that the Soviet design included two colossal figures seemingly about to overrun the German site, Speer modified his design to include a cubic mass which would check their advance, with a huge eagle on top looking down on the Soviet figures.

The position carried with it extraordinary powers over the Berlin city government and made Speer answerable to Hitler alone. The plans centered on a three-mile long grand boulevard running from north to south, which Speer called the Prachtstrasse, or Street of Magnificence; [38] he also referred to it as the "North-South Axis".

The outbreak of World War II in led to the postponement, and later the abandonment, of these plans.


In June he charged a personal honorarium of 30, Reichsmark and estimated that the chancellery would be completed within three to four years. Speer reiterated this claim in his memoirs to show that he had been up to that supposed challenge, [46] and some of his biographers, most notably Joachim Fest, have followed that account.

Because of shortages of labor, the construction workers had to work in two ten- to twelve-hour shifts to have the chancellery completed by early January It was eventually dismantled by the Soviets.

Speer made no mention of it in the first draft of Inside the Third Reich, and it was only on the urgent advice of his publisher that he added a mention of seeing the ruins of the Central Synagogue in Berlin from his car. Soon after Hitler had given me the first large architectural commissions, I began to suffer from anxiety in long tunnels, in airplanes, or in small rooms.

My heart would begin to race, I would become breathless, the diaphragm would seem to grow heavy, and I would get the impression that my blood pressure was rising tremendously Anxiety amidst all my freedom and power! Speer supported the German invasion of Poland and subsequent warthough he recognized that it would lead to the postponement, at the least, of his architectural dreams.

That was the whole point of my buildings. They would have looked grotesque if Hitler had sat still in Germany. All I wanted was for this great man to dominate the globe. When Hitler remonstrated, and said it was not for Speer to decide how his workers should be used, Speer simply ignored him.

Stalin had been particularly impressed by Speer's work in Paris, and wished to meet the "Architect of the Reich". Hitler, alternating between amusement and anger, did not allow Speer to go, fearing that Stalin would put Speer in a "rat hole" until a new Moscow arose.Albert Speer and the German War Effort Case Solution,Albert Speer and the German War Effort Case Analysis, Albert Speer and the German War Effort Case Study Solution, Albert Speer and the German War Effort Case Solution To analyze the primary motifs in an individual's intra-psychic globe and evaluate the degree to which.

The Case of Albert Speer: Can we find beauty in an architecture which has clearly and intentionally served to legitimize a political system we despise?

Albert Speer 1. Born in March 19th , and the middle child of three sons, you could say Albert Speer had a life of a movie star. Having a father who was a successful architect in Mannheim, and a mother who came from a wealthy family you would say that the Speer family was more than well off.

The Speer family had their own cook, kitchen maid, chamber maid, butler, chauffer, nanny and. Study albert speer flashcards from Allie N. on StudyBlue. Albert Speer started off as a young boy from a well to do home in Germany.

He had loving and caring parents that cared for him and his brothers, attended school and was considered intelligent but had little knowledge about politics as a child. Albert Speer And The German War Effort Case Study Solution, Analysis & Case Study Help.

Albert Speer And The German War Effort Case Study Solution