Blood doping effects on athletes essay

This form of doping is just as prohibited as any other form of body-enhancing drug and yet is not as easy to detect.

Blood doping effects on athletes essay

The game is tied up in the fourth quarter and your team is going for a touchdown. The quarterback throws a perfect pass to a wide open receiver. The receiver is able to get both hands on the ball, but still manages to drop the pass.

What is your reaction to this? Do you shake your head in disappointment or make a foul comment? Or are you more forgiving and understand that people make mistakes, even if this is the Super Bowl?

Most people react out of anger and in a negative way. Whatever your reaction might be towards that particular athlete, it is important for you to understand the huge impact your actions may have. Many sports fans today have extraordinarily high standards that they expect, more so demand, from their athletes.

Sometimes these high expectations are very unrealistic, they want perfection, but athletes are prone to error just like any other human being.

The demands of perfect performances by society can only lead to disappointment because mistakes are inevitable.

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When fans are disappointed, it results in negative feedback towards specific athletes or teams. They are more than aware of what is expected of them by their fans, and this knowledge puts immense pressure on them.

So much so, in fact, to go as far as to say that this type of stress may even cause psychological damage and lead to very desperate actions. This topic of sport related stress has recently been a widely conversed topic because of the huge role sports play in society today.

Gillham, a sports psychologist, wrote a newspaper article pertaining to this very topic. The article starts off with the tragic story of Zach Leighton, a seventeen year old football star who committed suicide in This occurrence raised a lot of questions because Zach Leighton seemed happy; he had a nice family, a good group of friends, and a known reputation on the field.

It has also resulted in more thorough research about how society may influence athletes. This is a powerful quote because it is the direct words of an athlete who has experienced the heat of a demanding audience on many occasions.

They view them as indestructible. Zach Leighton is just one example of an athlete who felt the severe pressure and stress in football.

His solution was very serious, suicide. For example, some athletes use the pressure of society as motivation for them to do their best. This motivation can sometimes be taken to the extreme and cause an athlete to do whatever it takes to win, no matter what the cost.

There are various methods and procedures out there believed to raise performance levels in athletes. Many, like steroids for example, are very commonly known of in society. Other procedures are very obscure, and people have little or no knowledge of them.

Blood doping is a perfect example of this because most people have never even heard of it. In fact, I conducted a simple survey asking if people knew what the term blood doping was and the results were shocking.

Only 19 percent knew what blood doping was, leaving the other 81 percent in complete confusion.

Blood doping effects on athletes essay

Blood doping is an illegal procedure that is most commonly used in endurance sports, most commonly running and cycling. The goal of the procedure is to raise ones red blood cell count because the red blood cells contain the most oxygen. It improves performance because the more red blood cells you have, the more oxygen is able to get to your muscles, enabling your body to work faster and longer as well as recover more quickly.

The actual procedure of blood doping is quite fascinating. There are two ways that blood doping can be administered. The first is through blood transfusions and the other is through erythropoietin EPO injections. The second method of blood doping is through the use of erythropoietin, which is a hormone that stimulates bone marrow to produce more red blood cells.

Blood doping is illegal, so fairly recently blood doping tests have been developed to detect signs of doping in athletes. The method of EPO injections can easily be detected through testing because it only raises the red blood cell count, changing the ratio of your blood cells. However, blood doping through blood transfusions is not so easily detected because it raises the count of all your blood cells, therefore the ratio remains the same.

Blood doping is a very dangerous procedure and is linked to many health issues.The blood doping procedure does increase an athlete's ability, but can potentially do more harm than good in the end. The ethics and safety issues concerning blood doping are very controversial throughout the scientific and athletic communities.

Everybody knows that many athletes cheat by using performance-enhancing drugs like steroids, testosterone, and EPO.

Blood doping effects on athletes essay

But what is it like to take these banned substances? Free blood doping papers, essays, and research papers. My Account. Your search Sports and Performance Enhancers Steroids and Blood Doping - Famous sports athletes have always tried to get an advantage on other players.

- Blood Brothers Essay Does Willy Russell want the audience to blame Mrs Johnstone in the scene . Doping, Athletes and Sports Essay Words 4 Pages Doping can be strictly defined as the consumption of any substance (whether food or drug) to improve one's performance.

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How Blood Doping Affects Athletic Performance