Business plan of e-waste recycling company

Tweet What is E-waste recycling business? Our world is more dominated by electronic devices than anything else. Anything we use, starting from televisions to our kitchen appliances, we are surrounded by electronic devices.

Business plan of e-waste recycling company

Environmental Protection Agency study. By this estimate, only 18 percent of these common electronics were recycled.

business plan of e-waste recycling company

The rest ended up in landfills. This is where an electronic recycling company comes to the rescue. An electronics recycler facilitates the reuse of usable electronic components, separation and processing of recyclable metals and proper disposal of toxic or nonrecyclable parts.

Become knowledgeable about state and federal laws regarding electronic recycling. Consider if there are other companies in your target area already engaged in this business.

If so, determine what can you do that they aren't doing. Locate sources of e-waste in your local area. Consider the entire process each electronic gadget will go through.

Know where any leftover materials go and learn how and where can you legally dispose of toxic wastes such as heavy metals. Create a business plan. Learn more about the part of electronics recycling that works for you.

for Recycling Enterprises: Plastics, Glass or Rubber January Association of Small Business Development Centers and the guide gives examples from small and large companies. • The recycling industry contains four basic components: • Collectors They describe the components of a business plan for a recycling business and identify. 10 Steps for Starting E waste Recycling Business. After you decide to start the e-waste recycling business, check Google. Check the established e-waste recycling company websites for getting the knowledge of their style of operation. Create a brand name, a catchline, and a logo. These are all mandatory these days for operating a business successfully. Mid-Atlantic Recycling recycling waste materials business plan company summary. Mid-Atlantic Recycling is a start-up business, collecting municipal treated human waste sludge and composting it into a high quality soil amemendment fertilizer.4/5(72).

You might choose transporting large quantities of electronics to a recycling facility, or you may choose to store and process recyclable electronics yourself. Another aspect of electronics recycling is to melt down metal components.

Whatever you choose, plan for proper equipment and facilities. Decide how you will finance your business.

Obtain any necessary permits or licenses. Be prepared for possible inspections. Your local Department of Natural Resources may conduct inspections, whether required by law or not, if they suspect a problem.

E-Waste Recycling Business Ideas, Opportunities & Profitable Business Plan

Records should be kept regarding the percentage of collected e-waste actually being recycled. Run your business ethically and legally. Unfortunately, a few electronic recycling companies undermine the environmentally friendly nature of the business of recycling by shipping toxic materials overseas or to Mexico.

business plan of e-waste recycling company

Some even show blatant disregard for environmental protection laws and use middlemen to conduct illegal transactions. Be very careful and research whom you do business with. Consider opening an online business recycling cell phones.A Short Presentation on Business Plan for E-waste recycling company.

Business Plan prepared by Ashutosh, Aliya, Andres, Marc, Alessio, Cristina and Ignacio, MBA students.5/5(5). A Sample E-Waste Recycling Business Plan Template. Business Overview; The recycling industry of which electronic waste recycling is a part of has become an integral part of modern society not only due to its social and economic impact but also because it plays a vital role for the future of our planet.

We know that responsibly disposing of potentially hazardous items such as batteries Superior Customer Service · Battery Recycling · One-stop Solution · Best Pricing. ing a business plan for a manual e-waste dismantling facility in Cambodia, operating according to in- ternationally acknowledged standards in the Phnom Penh area.

The objective of the business model is. The electronics recycling business is becoming increasingly important as volumes of e-waste continue to grow, setting the stage for the growth of that industry.

The huge growth of consumer electronics has led to an ever-expanding surge of end-of-life electronics that must be recycled. More than just trash, this material can be an environmental and health hazard. But before I go into the details of starting a e-waste management recycling business, I want to emphatically state that the information provided in this article does not in any way replace the need for you to conduct a feasibility study, write a business plan and do your own due diligence.

E-Waste Recycling Business Plan