Business relations essay

Main issues affecting business relationships in China and Africa Collectivism:

Business relations essay

But non-Chinese executives still must work Business relations essay at building trust in relationships with their Chinese business partners. A global automotive company entered the mainland China market following what it thought were the rules.

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Executives knew gifts were an important personal gesture and integral to Chinese business etiquette. They also knew that success in Chinese business culture was as much about whom you know as what you know. To make the right connections, the company sponsored events and hosted lavish dinner parties to cultivate personal ties, including the all-important guanxi commonly defined as personal connections between people doing business.

Several years later, the company faced the fact that its efforts were producing minimal results. As they tried to discover why, executives learned that despite all their efforts, the company had actually acquired a bad reputation among potential Chinese industry partners.

The potential partners had come to view the company as a seeker of short-term transactional opportunities wrapped in expensive entertainment.

The Chinese executives the company had carefully courted socially now viewed Business relations essay as a source of free entertainment — a perk they came to expect with every interaction. Although the company knew the people it needed to know, like many other companies eager to gain a foothold in China, it had failed in its efforts to build critical relationships —and as a result, its business initiatives failed too.

The Myths of Guanxi In our studies of intercultural relationships between Chinese and Western executives, my colleagues and I discovered that a fundamental misconception has arisen about guanxi. Experts line up to sell Western executives courses, websites, books and articles that promise to help them build guanxi.

Although there is an enormous focus on building relationships, there is little understanding of what makes them actually work. The prevailing thinking about guanxi falls into two traps. Regulatory procedures are gradually becoming more transparent, and the legal system is evolving to more effectively resolve disputes.

An increasing number of Chinese companies now actually frown on gift giving and other such gestures and are focusing instead on the business value that a potential partner brings. The Myths of Gift Giving Much advice is given to Western executives about the ritual of gift giving in Chinese business culture.

For example, you may have heard that it is important to offer gifts to senior people that are more expensive than those offered to their subordinates. But growing numbers of Chinese companies frown upon gift giving.

As these companies engage with partners globally and locally, their business development practices are evolving; they now put greater emphasis on professionalism and building trust and confidence in business capabilities.

The expansion targeted businesses in Japan and the United States, and CDG began recruiting executives with substantial international experience. To try to overcome the tensions between the traditional norms of guanxi and new global expectations, for a while CDG actually established two separate sales organizations: The day team worked at client sites discussing projects, giving presentations and providing technical support.

Their objective was to build confidence in the quality and reliability of CDG services. The night team would invite clients to dinner and other social events with the objective of building personal ties and rapport.

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Tensions erupted when CDG secured its largest contract ever from a local Chinese company that received a cell phone from a senior CDG executive as a gift. Members of the CDG executive team were polarized. Some felt that the vice president in charge of the deal should be promoted.

Expensive gift giving is no longer standard practice, and the night team was disbanded. The second trap is trying to build guanxi with the rather blunt instruments of social etiquette and vague notions of friendship and family.

Successful long-term business relationships in China are indeed anchored by strong personal bonds. China does not draw a hard line between business and personal relationships in the way that many Western societies do. But trying to build guanxi the way Western executives are often advised to do can stymie progress — as the automotive company experienced.

I believe a new prescription is needed, one that translates Western pragmatic business relationships into a Chinese context and provides substantive guidance on a key process for building effective business relationships: The necessary trust must be developed in two different ways.

The first is trust from the head — the sort of thing Westerners are used to. The second is trust from the heart, which is not only different but more difficult. In either case, if you want to create guanxi, it begins with trust.Industrial Relations – Essay Sample.

relations experts are widely needed in the world today to maintain positive employee/employer relationships and other business relationships.

Many times, such relationships can determine the course and success of many industrial decisions. The Human Relations class has helped me in my life because it is a very important tool for personal and professional development of human beings.

Human Relation Skills has helped me to improve interpersonal relations, as they play a key role in developing the whole person. Through relationships, I’ve reached an important social reinforcement of Business relations Order Description I work as Function and Special Event Coordinator for a high-profile function centre.

This coursework is required for my Diploma in Event Management. (Examples should relate to – provision of event staging services, supplies or products for a wedding [but not catering as I work for a function centre]) First reflective [ ].

Business relations essay

Feb 16,  · Business ethics refers to the consideration of moral decisions and responsibilities in the process of operating a business. Business ethics, practiced throughout the deepest layers of a company, become the heart and soul of the company 's culture and can mean the difference between success and failure.

· Employee relations are concerned with gaining people’s commitment to the achievement of the organization’s business goals and objectives in a number Business relations Order Description I work as Function and Special Event Coordinator for a high-profile function centre.

This coursework is required for my Diploma in Event Management. (Examples should relate to – provision of event staging services, supplies or products for a wedding [but not catering as I work for a function centre]) First reflective [ ].

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