Call a spade a spade whether dead or alive

Jetting between New York, Paris and Milan.

Call a spade a spade whether dead or alive

Call a spade a spade whether dead or alive

The Nameless City By H. Lovecraft When I drew nigh the nameless city I knew it was accursed. I was travelling in a parched and terrible valley under the moon, and afar I saw it protruding uncannily above the sands as parts of a corpse may protrude from an ill-made grave.

Fear spoke from the age-worn stones of this hoary survivor of the deluge, this great-grandmother of the eldest pyramid; and a viewless aura repelled me and bade me retreat from antique and sinister secrets that no man should see, and no man else had ever dared to see.

Remote in the desert of Araby lies the nameless city, crumbling and inarticulate, its low walls nearly hidden by the sands of uncounted ages. It must have been thus before the first stones of Memphis were laid, and while the bricks of Babylon were yet unbaked.

There is no legend so old as to give it a name, or to recall that it was ever alive; but it is told of in whispers around campfires and muttered about by grandams in the tents of sheiks, so that all the tribes shun it without wholly knowing why.

It was of this place that Abdul Alhazred the mad poet dreamed on the night before he sang his unexplainable couplet: I alone have seen it, and that is why no other face bears such hideous lines of fear as mine; why no other man shivers so horribly when the night-wind rattles the windows.

Call a spade a spade whether dead or alive

And as I returned its look I forgot my triumph at finding it, and stopped still with my camel to wait for the dawn.

For hours I waited, till the east grew grey and the stars faded, and the grey turned to roseal light edged with gold. I heard a moaning and saw a storm of sand stirring among the antique stones though the sky was clear and the vast reaches of the desert still.

In and out amongst the shapeless foundations of houses and palaces I wandered, finding never a carving or inscription to tell of those men, if men they were, who built the city and dwelt therein so long ago.

The antiquity of the spot was unwholesome, and I longed to encounter some sign or device to prove that the city was indeed fashioned by mankind. There were certain proportions and dimensions in the ruins which I did not like.

I had with me many tools, and dug much within the walls of the obliterated edifices; but progress was slow, and nothing significant was revealed. When night and the moon returned I felt a chill wind which brought new fear, so that I did not dare to remain in the city.

And as I went outside the antique walls to sleep, a small sighing sandstorm gathered behind me, blowing over the grey stones though the moon was bright and most of the desert still. I awaked just at dawn from a pageant of horrible dreams, my ears ringing as from some metallic peal.

Kate Brosnahan Spade, the fashion designer and businesswoman, hanged herself with a scarf in an apparent suicide Tuesday at a New York City apartment, according to . Celebrity Deathmatch is a claymation animation series broadcast on MTV. The concept behind this show is that celebrities would fight each other to the death in the ring, claymation-style. In a related note, several celebrities shown as participants on the show have mentioned they would have. spade. spade Essay Examples. Top Tag’s. autobiography conclusion huckleberry finn climate change criticism homeless family nature vs. nurture illegal immigration industrial revolution 9/11 schools uniforms problem solution goals argumentative. Words. to.

I saw the sun peering redly through the last gusts of a little sandstorm that hovered over the nameless city, and marked the quietness of the rest of the landscape. Once more I ventured within those brooding ruins that swelled beneath the sand like an ogre under a coverlet, and again dug vainly for relics of the forgotten race.

At noon I rested, and in the afternoon I spent much time tracing the walls, and the bygone streets, and the outlines of the nearly vanished buildings. I saw that the city had been mighty indeed, and wondered at the sources of its greatness.

The Emperor's New Groove Script

To myself I pictured all the splendours of an age so distant that Chaldaea could not recall it, and thought of Sarnath the Doomed, that stood in the land of Mnar when mankind was young, and of Ib, that was carven of grey stone before mankind existed.I was deeply saddened to read that fashion designer Kate Spade and celebrity chef and CNN storyteller Anthony Bourdain took their lives this week.

The real question is whether you are alive. Call a spade a spade What's the meaning of the phrase 'Call a spade a spade'? To speak plainly - to describe something as it really is. What's the origin of the phrase 'Call a s.

Kate Spade was found dead at the age of 55 in her Park Avenue apartment on Tuesday Designer left a note telling her daughter, 13, that she loved her, it was not her fault and told the teenager to. Sep 06,  · For Dead Island on the Xbox , a GameFAQs Answers question titled "Where do i find the spade?"%(75).

Dec 06,  · I'm reluctantly in agreement with KC here. I think the series will start strong and then fizzle in the second season,that is unless the writers manage to truly convey the "human element" of the books and strongly focus on developing characters we as an audience can love/hate.

The idiom call a spade a spade has its roots in Classical Greece. An idiom is a word, group of words or phrase that has a figurative meaning that is not easily deduced from its literal meaning. We will examine the phrase call a spade a spade, where it came from and some examples of its use in.

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