Childrens learning needs essay

Benefits for Children of Play in Nature By Randy White The children's play gardens naturalized playgrounds that our company designs for clients emphasize a rich natural environment as the play setting and nature as the play element. Our designs are based upon an extensive body of research and literature on: Following is a summary of the many benefits that regular play in nature has for children:

Childrens learning needs essay

Share via Email Claire Champkin with her son Toby, who has autism. Graeme Robertson for the Guardian Jane McCready is used to her year-old son being gawped at "as if he were a circus freak" but she will never be reconciled to it. But these are adults.

They look at Johnny and their mouths fall open Childrens learning needs essay they just stare. Perhaps the worst day was when, at the swimming pool, another mother pulled her child away from Johnny "as though he had something catching".

This, she says, is what you are up against when you have a child with special needs: Which is particularly awful "because you've already got so much on your plate as it is. The odds seem stacked against you, and if people just gave you a bit of space and support, it would go a long way.

But the opposite is more often the case: They make assumptions about you, they find you wanting, they treat your child as though he or she is dangerous or badly behaved. It's so bad, so hard to deal with, that I have friends with special needs kids who don't even take them out any more.

Mumsnet members who didn't have children with special needs were shocked at their stories, and so too were the women who run Mumsnet. There's a strong feeling on Mumsnet that how we look after our most vulnerable says a lot about our society and you don't get much more vulnerable than children with special needs.

Assumptions about typically-developing children and child care

So we need to up our act a bit, as a society. It must have taken some bravery for her to do it, but it made such a difference to me. Her son has moderate-to-severe autism, and is largely non-verbal, but dealing with the realities of his condition pale next to dealing with the unkindness she encounters from strangers who decide for themselves that he is simply a badly behaved child with an inadequate mother.

Childrens learning needs essay

I felt like heading across to shout and swear at him, but you can't do that. And the irony is, they think they're making a judgment on my child's bad behaviour. She has four children, twins Elizabeth and James, 13, Oliver, seven, and Alex, six.

Elizabeth has Treacher Collins syndrome which causes craniofacial abnormalities ; James has Asperger's syndrome and Alex has severe autism. This is my life. It's not a bed of roses, but we try to make the best of every day.

We're dealing with issues that most people haven't got a clue about, and it's intrusive when you get someone coming up to you and saying, he needs a clip round the ear when one of them has a tantrum. It doesn't give you the right to gawp," says Claire.

Beyond staring, what angers Amanda is when strangers ask about Elizabeth.

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And I say, nothing's wrong with her. I hate people calling me 'special' or thinking I somehow have extra qualities that enable me to deal with all this.

Calling us 'special' or alluding to our great qualities makes us different, sets us apart, and we don't want that at all. The people you value most are those who just treat you as they would any other family. I love it when people meet us and they try to engage with Roberta, just as they would any other child; that's so good.

What I don't need is sympathy; I'm hugely proud of my little girl and all she's achieved.

She and her baby brother are the centre of my world and the idea that people feel sorry for me is just so misplaced. There's a myth that some disorders, such as autism and ADHD, are a fashionable excuse for bad behaviour and bad parenting. We've learned how hurtful it is to families where there are disabilities, and now we clamp down on it on the site — and we'd like others to do the same.

It really is important.Jun 28,  · This essay seeks to critically evaluate my role as a child observer.

Childrens learning needs essay

Drawing on two or more theories of child development, I will look at the main theoretical concept and critically evaluate in relation to my observation.

P1 Additional needs is a person with a physical, communication, sensory, behavioural or learning disability, or long-term/life-limiting condition.

This can also include those with emotional health and wellbeing needs which puts an impact on their daily life including the . Unit 7- Play and Learning in Childrens Education Diploma in Child Care and Education Cache Level 3 Sections A- play & learning E1- Evidence describing the role of the practitioner in meeting the childrens learning needs in appendices (See Appendix 1) E2- Current influences on play.

Page E3- Current influences on planning and . Children International, a non-profit child sponsorship organization, fights poverty and helps children in need through our programs, community centers and amazing teams.

Mainstreaming: Does it Help Children's Special Needs? Inclusion describes the practice of placing children with special needs in regular classrooms. Inclusion, also known as mainstreaming, gives all students the opportunity to learn from their individual differences.

It allows special needs children. Advice from Teachers Meeting Individual Learning Needs. Download Meeting Individual Learning Needs: Advice from Colleagues.

The topic of differentiating instruction to meet students' diverse needs is actively discussed on the Everyday Mathematics are some questions that have been addressed at length and some answers that teachers have offered.

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