Essay learning english is not easy

In ancient times, co-education was prevalent in Greece. Today, this system of education is there in almost all the countries of the world. It generates a spirit of comradeship between boys and girls.

Essay learning english is not easy

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Learning A new language. Learning a new language is not easy. So when we want to learn the language, we should be confident and should not be shy. Therefore, we should practice language as much as we can. To learn language we should follow certain steps.

As matter as fact, students who wish to learn the language should follow certain steps. First, we should listen to the new language as much as possible. We have better listening to a native speaker that because we will learn pronunciation correctly.

Also, we can use radio, audio programmes and watching T. V in listening language. Moreover, we should try ad much as possible listening to the language four hours everyday. Second, to speak a new language we should be confident. For example, we should be confident and do not fear of our mistakes when we speak.

Therefore, If we shy and do not want to make a mistake, we can not speak because we are afraid to make a mistake.

Essay learning english is not easy

Third, read in the language as much as we can. For instance, read from general books which have topics we like it. Fourth, to learn writing we should draw our planning and think of what we want to write about. In addition to that we can learn writing by writing our daily. To conclude, we should practice these skills as much as we can.

In addition to that if we have desire we can overcome the abstracts that we face when learning language.It is not a coincidence that there is a negative correlation between criminal offences and level of education, in all races, ages and genders all over the world, and one of the main reasons for this is that the lessons that are learnt in school are so much more than just academic.

They learn to respect one another.

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Though a few conservative people are against this system, their views do not hold ground. Co-education generates harmonious relationship, a sense of co-operation, and thus, helps in the progress of the nation. Whenever somebody travels a new place he learn something, he explore new horizons. Whole world is full of wonders and regardbouddhiste.comng abroad is always increases skills and knowledge.

It is beneficiary for all type of students, so all students should study abroad. For an essay not broken up, looks uninteresting and is not easy to read.

Definition A paragraph is a number of sentences grouped together and relating to one topic. Importance Of learning English Rita Rani Essay Introduction: English is a global various reasons English has got the status of International today’s world of information technology and hi-tech communication,learning English is regardbouddhiste.comh is important for other reasons also.

As Chinese universities (for example) offer more instruction to Chinese students in English, study abroad administrators and their students will start to de-emphasize language learning on programs.

The same phenomenon is happening in all parts of the world.

Learning English Language Is Not Easy?