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Flash foresight

What is successful foresight? August 16, by Andy Hines I explored this question as part of my dissertation research a few years back from the perspective of the organizational futurist, that is, a futurist working internally for a single organization.

And spending many hours with colleagues in similar positions discussing various options. To put it bluntly, I will be happy if we can simply start having better conversations about outcomes and success.

Indeed the Foresight Outcomes Framework that I propose is quite simple and is primarily designed as a discussion starter with stakeholders and the boss.

It can help to set expectations more appropriately.

Flash foresight

And it provides one with an alternative if the ROI imperative is introduced. My view of the organizational futurist role is that it is highly context-dependent, complex, intangible, messy.

Sometimes all the above.

Flash foresight

The article describes a guiding perspective social constructionism aimed at influencing the decision-making process divided into learning, deciding, and actingorganized into a framework described in the figure and followed by implications, conclusions, and recommendations for further research.

Andy Hines Filed Under: ForesightMethods Tagged With: He is also speaking, workshopping, and consulting through his firm Hinesight. Hines enjoyed earlier careers as a consulting and organizational futurist.

His goal, he says, is to infect as many change agents as possible with this message. Thus, he has honed a skill set designed to make foresight more actionable in organizations.

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In this pursuit, he has authored five books: Teaching about the Future: Guidelines for Strategic Foresight Social Technologies, ; The Basics of Foresight Education. The State of the Art.HMT (Head Measurement Technology) combines with the GC2 to precisely capture club head data with an ease and accuracy never before seen.

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A company called Foresight, which listed on the Nasdaq in the spring of has seen its shares jump and drop since going public.

But in the last month the stock has seen a dramatic turn around. The IBM corporate home page, entry point to information about IBM products, services and solutions in Belgium and Luxembourg. Daniel Burrus is considered one of the world's leading futurists on global trends and innovation. The New York Times has referred to him as one of the top three .

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