Good ideas to write a novel about a boy

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Good ideas to write a novel about a boy

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good ideas to write a novel about a boy

After all, you want an idea that can sustain an entire story. But there are also other ways, and places, you might look for inspiration when you need a boost. For example, what do you see present or suggested in the following first lines?

In the town, there were two mutes and they were always together. Albert Camus, The Stranger Something is wrong in the house. Kathryn Davis, Hell Headlines. A well-written headline contains enough possibility to get our imaginations working in the right direction since the headline writer wants us to be intrigued enough to wonder about the story behind the headline and read it.

Instead, the headline will make us want to know the story behind it and begin writing it. Here are a few real-world examples to consider, any one of which might suggest a sustainable story idea: I suspect the reason for this is that good titles are often difficult to come up with, so when a good one comes along, it suggests possibilities immediately.

Keep a page in your notebook just for title ideas. One of them might bring a story along with it. At the risk of sounding obvious, good writers are first and foremost good readers. I realize that in our rushed lives—and this is especially true for the Nighttime Novelist, who has limited spare time and wants to use it well—it can sometimes be difficult to slow down, sit down, and enjoy a good book.

But there can be nothing more instructive, nor more inspiring to your work, than reading a book from an author who does it right.

In fact, it often takes me longer to read a great book than a bad one, simply because every few pages I have to stop to jot down some idea inspired by the text.

But reading consistently, and reading as a writer, can be a constant source of inspiration. Find writers you love, then find the writers they love. Other Forms of Art. Take a weekend trip to an art show or go browse the art books at the local bookseller.

For more writing inspirationcheck out our section of creative writing prompts. You might also like:The Best Ways to Find Ideas For a Good Story By: Courtney Carpenter | April 4, It’s fairly simple–in order to write a novel or story, you must have a solid idea first.

It’s good life advice, but in order to not write your novel, you must ignore it.

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To not write your novel, constantly worry about how bad your book might turn out to be. Pause every thousand words or so and think, This is about the worst piece of crud known to man.

20 Romance Story Ideas. by Ruthanne Reid | 45 comments. a sense of humor is always a good idea. 20 Romance Story Ideas. She’s a cop. He’s the owner of a jewelry store. That’s illegal—but she’s kind of falling for him, too.

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Write the moment she realizes she has to do something about this crazy illicit courtship. Write and publish a novel, one chapter at a time, using Amazon Kindle singles, Wattpad, or sharing with your email list subscribers. Write a print-on-demand book through a provider like CreateSpace. Start a website on WordPress or Tumblr and use it write your book a chapter or scene at a time.

Scour your favorite stories for tried-and-true fiction writing ideas. If your story hits a slump, just think about how some of the writers you admire have handled similar problems. Give your story greater meaning with symbols and symbolism.

Instead, look for writing ideas you can be passionate about – ones that are meaningful to you, that you will have fun working with, that you can feel proud to have written.

One way to open your mind up to great novel writing ideas is to think about stories other people .

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