Impact of internet on operation management

About the Author See firsthand how a number of companies have used the Internet to lower costs and add value to their businesses; learn a framework showing how the Internet impacts supply chains and two major requirements for successful implementations.

Impact of internet on operation management

Laptop computers Advantages of Technology to Business: Technology affects the way companies communicate and establish relations with their clients. In a fast moving and business environment, it is vital for them to interact with clients regularly and quickly to gain their trust and to obtain customer loyalty.

With the use of Internet and online social networks, firms interact with consumers and answer all their queries about the product.

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Establishing effective communication with customers not only creates rapport with them, but it also creates strong public image. It allows business enterprises to reduce and to cut carbon dioxide emissions.

With the use of technological innovations, business owners and entrepreneur understand their cash flow better, how to manage their storage costs well and enables you to save time and money. Technology lets employees communicate and interact with other employees in other countries. It establishes clique and prevents social tensions from arising.

Modern security equipment enables companies to protect their financial data, confidential business information and decisions.

It provides a venue to conduct studies to keep themselves ahead of competitors. It allows companies to virtually travel into unknown markets. With technology, business enterprises communicate effectively with their branch offices to deliver quality financial and operational reports.

Through the use of business software programs or software packages, it automated traditional manufacturing process, reduces labor costs and enhances manufacturing productivity.

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It enables companies to increase efficiency and production output. Technological innovations improved companies' sales, services, shorted lead time on receiving and delivering goods and services. Enables them to penetrate multiple markets at least costs. It enables them to conduct studies on various companies to gain knowledge on the new trends in the market and way on avoiding them.

Impact of internet on operation management

A recent survey of United States manufacturers asked what they thought were the most important attributes an agent must possess to succeed. With the advantages of IT for the manufacturer, the agent and the foreign buyer, advocacy and praise of comprehensive technical product knowledge is misplaced and takes us in the wrong direction.

Surveys such as the one cited here not only reflect the current sentiments of the people, but also perpetuate similarities and traits that make it easier for us to identify those people and companies that we want to be commercially associated with. It is no wonder that most manufacturers are unaware of this fact - what little literature there is on the subject is not readily available.

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Thus, with a principal's preconceptions fixed in a pre-IT world, they do not grasp the convergence of IT with rep agencies that combine this technology and international experience. As a result, they will have a difficult time working from the same set of assumptions about how to conduct business internationally.

IT is a miraculous tool. As Copernicus, the 16th century astronomer, posthumously demonstrated, evolving knowledge inevitably trumps conventional thought.

And keep in mind that this is the same type of conventional thinking that is producing our gargantuan trade deficits. The current conceit might be that the world economy will always revolve around the United States and we can remain satiated indefinitely with just our home marketplace.

Knowing that this thinking is not sustainable should help in forcing us to reappraise those things that can facilitate more exports of domestic products to our international partners. In the continental United States, the logistics of a manufacturers' representative calling on customers to explain their line s of products in their limited geographic area mostly precludes the need for Internet marketing.

But internationally, when one factors in eight to 16 time zone differences on multiple continents, IT inverts the above scoring of attributes.

Mindful of the obvious impracticality of traveling in person to see multiple of attributes. Mindful of the obvious impracticality of traveling in person to see multiple customers in far-flung locales, I have formed some guidelines concerning what lines to take on and how to interact with manufacturers: These lines, if they are highly differentiated and easy to understand through your client's Web site, give your foreign customer an immediate marketing advantage in his country and make unnecessary the need for a high degree of technical product knowledge.

Domesticating the Process of International Trade - For those principals that are still uncomfortable working with overseas customers, start by selling to the United States buying offices of your foreign buyers.

It is always interesting how many client manufacturers are surprised that many international buyers are located in North America. Given the reality of industrial espionage, even amongst our own allies, by purposely keeping your company separate from the highly sensitive information of your principal, you demonstrate foresight that you have your client's best interests in mind.

The FBI can consult with your clients about protection of sensitive data, and the NACIC posts advisories that can heighten their overall awareness of possible risks.E-commerce and Its Impact on Operations Management.

companies are also depending more on internet because by that they can easily create interactive, cost efficient, access ease, adapted and.

IT risk management is the application of risk management methods to information technology in order to manage IT risk, i.e.. The business risk associated with the use, ownership, operation, involvement, influence and adoption of IT within an enterprise or organization.

According to Shang and Seddon (), five major classifications of benefits have been identified and each is subdivided into two or more ‘factors’ that set out ways in which Web can benefit an first dimension; operational benefits reflects the positive impact that a technology has on organisational operational activities that are usually repeated periodically.

Only a few African countries were independent in the s and China’s weak economy limited its ability to interact with Africa.

China-Africa trade was a paltry $12 million in . The birth of Internet and online social networking sites tremendously decreased the costs of business operations. It also makes it easier for companies to use the Six Sigma management methodologies.

Recent research in manufacturing has investigated the impact of enabling operations management (OM) practices on quality and time‐based performance separately. This research investigates the concurrent impact of supply management, human resources, just‐in‐time (JIT) and cross‐functional practices on quality and time‐based performance, in a sample of firms from the automotive.

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