Internal control as a tool for fraud management in nigeria banking industry

Pen and paper membership management techniques have become entirely too cumbersome and inefficient. On top of that, the possibility of security breaches has left membership-based organizations searching for a safe and effective method to handle the management of sensitive member information.

Internal control as a tool for fraud management in nigeria banking industry

Kimuyu The emergence of computerized medical imaging in early s, which merged with digital technology in the s, was celebrated as a major breakthrough in three-dimensional 3D medicine. The study explored the suitability of the Direct Linear Transformation as a method for the determination of 3D coordinates of targeted points from multiple images acquired with the Statscan X-ray system and optimization of the scan range.

This investigation was carried out as a first step towards the development of a method to determine the accurate positions of points on or inside the human body. The major causes of errors in three-dimensional point localization using Statscan images were firstly, the X-ray beam divergence and secondly, the position of the point targets above the X-ray platform.

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The experiments carried out with two reference frames showed that point positions could be established with RMS values in the mm range in the middle axis of the X-ray patient platform.

This range of acceptable mm accuracies extends about 15 to 20 cm sideways towards the edge of the X-ray table and to about 20 cm above the table surface.

Internal control as a tool for fraud management in nigeria banking industry

Beyond this range, accuracy deteriorated significantly reaching RMS values of 30mm to 40 mm. The experiments further showed that the inclusion of control points close to the table edges and more than 20 cm above the table resulted in lower accuracies for the L - parameters of the DLT solution than those derived from points close to the center axis only.

As the accuracy of the L - parameters propagates into accuracy of the final coordinates of newly determined points, it is essential to restrict the space of the control points to the above described limits.

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If one adopts the usual approach of surrounding the object by known control points, then the limited space with an acceptable accuracy potential for the L - terms would not be large enough to enclose an adult human body surrounded by suitably positioned control points.

This shortcoming can be overcome by making use of two further observations made in the course of this investigation.

These observations were firstly, that the best image orientation angles are 00 and toand secondly, that no significant improvement could be achieved when using more than two images.

This observation contradicts the theory of adjustment and observations, and can be investigated in further research. The possible observation method deduced from this is as follows: First, a frame with well distributed control points with accurate 3D coordinates and of approximately the size of a human body is placed on the X-ray table and imaged with the X-ray beam in the 0 degree position.

This makes it possible to determine L - parameters for this ray orientation; 2. The frame is removed; the patient is positioned in the control space; and an X-ray image of the patient is taken 3.

The X-ray source is rotated to a new position between and and a second image of the patient is acquired and fourth, the patient is removed and replaced by the frame. A final image of the frame is now acquired. This approach can only then result in accurate point positions, if the patient remains motionless for the duration of steps 2 and 3.

An alternative to this observation design would be simultaneous imaging from two X-ray sources, one with 00 orientations and the other with an orientation between and Siregar The aim of the research was to acquire resistance callus of Tamarillo Solanum betaceum Cav.

The study was designed by Factorial randomized design, consisting of two factors: UV-B light power; 10, 20 and 30 watts, and exposure time 30, 60 and 90 seconds.

The Colletorichum filtrate added into medium ppm as resistant selection. Callus gained by selection were analyzed by peroxidase and polyphenoloxidase activity changing.

Internal control as a tool for fraud management in nigeria banking industry

Analysis of both enzymes activity showed decreased of protein levels at all samples. But after selection of Colletorichum filtrate, both enzymes showed increasing of theirs protein levels.

The samples after selection showed more tolerant against filtrate compared to control, the highest value obtained in the treatment of UV-B radiation of 20 watts and exposure time of 30 seconds for peroxidase and 20 watt and 60 seconds for polyphenoloxidase.

The lowest protein content for both enzyme found on control treatments.A Case Study of Central Bank of Nigeria, Gombe Branch.

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1Ibrahim Ahmed, 2Mohammed D. Madawaki, Weakness in the internal control measures such as lack of proper recorded keeping of the financial records To identify the role played by regulatory bodies in combating fraud and forgeries within banking industry. As a follow-up to Tuesday’s post about the majority-minority public schools in Oslo, the following brief account reports the latest statistics on the cultural enrichment of schools in Austria.

Vienna is the most fully enriched location, and seems to be in roughly the same situation as Oslo. Many thanks to Hermes for the translation from Based on the analysis, internal control system was seen to be significant in detection and prevention of fraud in banks in Nigeria, hence the need for an effective and adequate internal control system.

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4 days ago · Home Business Guarding against Fraud in Banking in financial institutions and insufficient internal controls. if they are to capture more Nigerians into the banking industry.

Search seminars, courses, conferences, short management courses and training in Nigeria and around the world. While senior management and the board are ultimately responsible for a fraud management program, internal audit can be a key player in helping address Fraud Detection Using Data Analytics in the Banking Industry The International Professional Practices Framework.

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