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He is running at a high rate of speed through the obstacles in his environment. The terrain of streets is the journey where he travels to get to his destination. Through leap he freefalls like a cat jumping from a tree. He captures every landing from a fall using his knees as shock absorbers, he spring back into a run.

Parkour essays

Hollywoodtake notes. A very exotic device or problem, against which all manner of intricate, powerful devices or strategies fail, is counteracted by something incredibly simple and mundane.

It can't be solved by their conventional solutions of More Parkour essaysAttack! Applied Phlebotinumit seems, often turns out to have a weakness to some household product.

Supernatural beings in both Eastern and Western mythology have a tendency for strange weaknesses, like a demon's obsessive-compulsive need to count dropped grains of rice or a vampire's vulnerability to garlic and sunlight.

Compare Cutting the Knot. Contrast with Mundane Utilitywhere something exotic is used to solve something mundane, and Weaksauce Weaknesswhere a no less powerful individual gets strange weaknesses or power.

Many things that are Boring, but Practical are usually though not always one of these. Related to Muggles Do It Better.

See Combat Pragmatism for when this concept is applied to fighting. Let's be absolutely sure the example you're about to post isn't actually a Weaksauce Weakness, please.

Parkour essays

The hero promptly runs home and grabs a bottle of dishsoap. This is a common plot device in Haruhi Suzumiyawhere Kyon repeatedly saves the world Parkour essays doing very mundane things, like kissing Haruhi, convincing her to put a disclaimer at the end of her movie saying that all of the characters and events are fictional, or inviting the gang over to his house to do their summer homework.

The Mahou Sensei Negima! After some suitably epic banter between the opponents, Nagi ends the battle before it even begins by catching Eva in a pit trap filled with onions and garlic. Not to mention Chao's "secret weapon," which she didn't use in first place because she was afraid of the damage it could cause—a copy of her family tree.

Against her ancestor's Unwanted Harem. A Certain Magical Index: A powerful fire mage is stopped by At first, he scoffs at the lead for thinking that his fire summon could be put out with just a little water, and he's right about that—the real point was for the water to blur out the printed runes that were continuously allowing his fire to regenerate after being destroyed.

With that ability disabled, the rest is easy. He learns from this: Next time he uses laminated rune cards. Nothing supernatural about guns, so Touma's Anti-Magic doesn't do anything against them, and without it he's just an ordinary guy. Mages are typically very good at magical combat, but inexperienced in things like C-4 and sniper rifles.

Applying the effect to a simple metal wire merely causes a reduction in its effectiveness as a wire; applying it to a mage's magical circuits, however, causes downright catastrophic consequences, as the circuits are completely ruined beyond any hope of repair, and the mage's body itself suffers massive, fatal damage from the backlash, with lots of extreme hemorrhaging and seizures.

Even if they somehow survive it renders them powerless, their magic circuits unable to function anymore having been so thoroughly messed up. One of their number, Gabil, gets a brainwave on how to deal with this: This actually works for a while, but the humans just make their songs louder.

Gabil then installs a noise canceller in his mech, which proves much more effective. After some time struggling to hold her off their resident chip expert comes around asking what the commotion is about.

When they ask what to do next, he just calmly says to put in any new battle chip and the corrupt one will pop out just like any other. Yusuke of YuYu Hakusho is able to beat a demon using Botan as a Human Shield by simply telling her to simply raise her arms, which made her slip out of the jacket the demon was holding her by and giving Yusuke an opening.

Subverted in Neon Genesis Evangelion: The bridge crew attempt to turn the Magi system off during Iruel's a nano-virus-like angel invasion of it. Iruel deactivates the command option before they attempt it.

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To solve the problem mundanely from there, they would need to physically destroy the computer - not a good option, considering the Magi controls all of NERV's operations, and the only person smart enough to reconstruct it is dead. The Paper Sisters in R. D the TV at one point go up against a villain who uses sound waves to disrupt their Paper Master powers.

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Chehalis Police Department. Parkour Practice? • Officers received a report of kids jumping off the roof of the Lewis County Gospel Mission in Chehalis at p.m. Monday.

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