Printed matter that inundates society daily

A great city is the most mighty of dung-makers. Human beings are fully embedded in these life cycles. We inhale oxygen and exhale carbon dioxide; plants do the reverse. The links between our excrement and our food have been fundamental to human survival as long as our species has existed.

Printed matter that inundates society daily

WHY VOTE In a time of unprecedented apathy and cynicism, many potential voters have chosen to completely give up on the entire political process. Feelings of being overwhelmed and powerless abound. We live in highly complicated times, and don't think that the powers that be aren't very content things are this way!

Yet the best method we as Citizens of the United States have for eliciting change is actively working to reform the very political structure that has become such an entrenched frustration to so many.

We must take control of this political system, or you can be absolutely certain that it will continue to control us, sometimes in the most insidious ways. Many people believe they are doing all that is humanly possible just to get by from day to day. They do care about the rampant destruction that is wasting our precious natural environment.

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There are also those who recognize that a just and equitable society must not be dependent upon the daily ruthless sacrifice of millions of innocent animals to support a seemingly unbounded human greed.

People everywhere are finally realizing that what happens to the animals and to the environment can very well happen to us. We are not apart from them, we are a part of them! However, the too great knowledge of the crimes of humanity can lead to a numbing despair.

We cannot bear it, so perhaps we just turn away. Yet what does that solve? So some people decide to take direct action: All quite worthy and valuable efforts, and they deserve much appreciation for their resolution. Nevertheless, if they do nothing to fundamentally change our governmental leadership then they may never be allowed to realize the goals they are working so valiantly to achieve.

The two-party system that is presently holding the reins of power is not going to readily release them. To maintain their status quo these "Republocrats" have devised a web of systems and rules that inundates the average person trying to fathom it.

This deep resistance to share the power of the leadership is strengthened by the heated divisions that have developed between the many factions of citizens. We spend so much effort confronting each other over our relatively small differences that we seldom turn around and consider all the vital areas of our collective interests.

By now, humanity has certainly demonstrated that with enough effort, determination, persistence and financial backing, we can accomplish nearly everything we set out to do. We just have to agree to find our unity and make change happen for the common good of all! This effort has to start somewhere, and our individual voices can be most effectively heard right where we live.

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Working with our families, friends, neighbors and communities we can more quickly see the results of our labors, often in a direct and concrete form. Local government is more responsive by design. If it should happen to be under the control of rigid, self-serving officials then it is not impossible to band together and replace these individuals with people who genuinely care about the future of their districts.

Start with small steps like writing letters; circulating petitions; attending meetings; gathering supporters; maybe running for an office or actively working for someone who you believe can represent you.

Printed matter that inundates society daily

Then let those works evolve and grow into an ever expanding network of far-sighted voters! It is easy to forget that we truly are privileged to have the right to go to the ballot box and elect our representatives.

If the choices of candidates that we have been given leave us feeling despondent then we are not without recourse, nor perhaps a certain amount of responsibility. It may take time and patience, but democracy can represent our will only if we make our will known.

So let your voice be heard in full power, and let yourself speak for those who are given no voice in our system - the animals, plants, water, sky, earth and all the generations to come.


Vote with your intellect, vote with your conscience, vote with your dollars, vote with your ballots! An informed voter makes educated choices and knows the power politicians have in determining the future of our communities.

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If you want to make significant changes in the way things are run in your hometown and surrounding county learn more about the workings of your county and local governments. The most interesting and startling is that the polar ice cap at the North Pole has melted more than in the last 50 million years.

The other is that the hole in the ozone layer is now larger than the north American continent and growing larger at an exponential rate.

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Sarah Greenberger Rafferty (b. , lives and works in Brooklyn, NY) layers her own photographs with ones drawn from television and advertising to investigate body. Printed Matter, Inc. is an independent (c)(3) non-profit organization founded in by artists and art workers with the mission to foster the appreciation, dissemination, and understanding of artists' books and other artists' publications.

British society, of which American society was an off-shoot, had been moving for a long time in the direction of representative democracy. And prior to the War of Independence the Americans were already practicing a significant degree of representative democracy in the colonial assemblies.

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