Proposed solutions for working together

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Proposed solutions for working together

This has given rise to the industrialization of This has given rise to the industrialization of a type of crime where the commodity—personal information—moves far too quickly for conventional law enforcement methods to keep pace. Cyber criminal tools pose a direct threat to security and play an increasingly important role in facilitating most forms of organised crime and terrorism.

Challenge 1 There is now a sophisticated and self-sufficient digital underground economy in which data is the illicit commodity. Stolen personal and financial data — used, for example, to gain access to existing bank accounts and credit cards, or to fraudulently establish new lines of credit — has a monetary value.

This drives a range of criminal activities, including phishing, pharming, malware distribution and the hacking of corporate databases, and is supported by a fully fledged infrastructure of malicious code writers, specialist web hosts and Proposed solutions for working together able to lease networks of many thousands of compromised computers to carry out automated attacks.

Solutions Active targeting of underground forums to disrupt the circulation of powerful and easy to use cyber criminal tools, such as malware kits and botnets.

Active targeting of the proceeds of cyber crime e. Continue to develop insight into the behaviour of the contemporary cybercriminal by means of intelligence analysis, criminological research and profiling techniques, and based on the combined law enforcement, IT security industry and academic sources, in order to deploy existing resources more effectively.

Challenge 2 In the last decade advances in communications technologies and the "informatisation" of society have converged as never before in human history. This has given rise to the industrialisation of a type of crime where the commodity, personal information, moves far too quickly for conventional law enforcement methods to keep pace.

The unprecedented scale of the problem threatens the ability of the authorities to respond — with according to one estimate more thanviruses and other types of malicious code in global circulation, andcomputers compromised per day.

At the same time, the authorities have more data on criminal activity at their disposal than ever before, and now have an opportunity to harness this information in ways which make intelligence development and investigation more streamlined and cost effective.

Cyber crime rates continue to increase in line with Internet adoption: At the same time, the organic development of Internet technology has resulted in the existence of myriad actors in the information security field. By way of illustration, the ENISA directory of network and information security stakeholders in the EU alone already stretches to over pages.

Solutions More must be done to harness the intelligence of network and information security stakeholders, not only to provide a more accurate and comprehensive assessment of cyber criminality, but also to ensure that responses are effective and timely.

Proposed solutions for working together

Active partnerships with ISPs, Internet security organisations and online financial services are key. The private sector needs to be assured of a confidential relationship in which information can be exchanged for investigative and intelligence purposes. Collaboration, particularly with the private sector, to proactively identify features of future communications technologies liable to criminal exploitation, and to design vulnerabilities out of technologies and environments which are in development.

Law enforcement must work in partnership with those who will influence the future business and operating environment, so that all concerned can better anticipate changes in criminal behaviours and technological misuse. Challenge 3 Cyber crime is a truly global criminal phenomenon which blurs the traditional distinction between threats to internal criminality and terrorist activity and external i.

The liability of networks to exploitation for a number of different ends, and the ease with which individuals may move from one type of illegal activity to another suggests that territorialism in all its forms both of nations and regions, and specific authorities within nations hinders efforts to successfully combat the misuse of communications technology.

Solutions More centralised coordination at regional e. EU and interregional levels, to streamline the fight against cybercrime. The establishment of virtual taskforces to target internet facilitated organised crime.


These should be responsive to the evolving criminal environment — e. In all cases the authorities need to have the flexibility to include a variety of stakeholders law enforcement, military, private sector, academia, user groups in order to achieve the desired outcome.SEEKING SOLUTIONS.

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