Read write and think biocube hqi

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Read write and think biocube hqi

Where do we find a caption? How does the heading help us? His name is in the heading. I'll write 'Who is the explorer?

There's an picture that shows the maps that were made when he returned. In the book, there is information and LOTS of text features about each one. I always give a quick review of the Rules for Good Group Work on our group rules poster. Each group gets one worksheet.

Find the information and make sure you have support from the text. Is there a caption or picture that tells you the answer? Keep your answers short. I may come by and ask you how you got your answers - where is the evidence from the text features.

This was really engaging for the kids.

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Here's a video of a student using the 'cube' website. Students are practicing the skill of gaining information from text and text features and then writing answers based on the evidence that they read.

They are answering questions based mostly on the text features, which are often overlooked. How do you know what the explorer looked like?

What was the name of the country? Look in the text. Reflect on what you have learned Students share their cube with the class and you prompt with questions. Check for understanding — can they make an illustration that supports their questions? Can they share how a text feature helped them?

These answers will guide your next lesson — review a certain skill, reteach the lesson, or challenge students with different objectives. This lesson could be easily scaffolded up or down, depending on student ability. Students with challenges in reading or language should be mixed into groups of various learning abilities.

They may need support to answer questions because questioning is typically very difficult for these students.

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Students with more ability should be able to ask deeper questions about the topic and be a model for the group. Encourage them to prompt the group to answer questions that look deeper into the text.Oct 16,  · I was wondering if any of you know what is the best pump to run in a 29g biocube?

I have read that a lot of people upgrade the pump so that they get more flow than what comes with it and I'm looking for something with low heat as well.

read write and think biocube hqi

May 06,  · ReadWriteThink - Cube Creator The International Reading Association’s website, ReadWriteThink has a lot of great tools to use with your students.

One of them is the Cube Creator, which provides templates that break up the writing process into 6 parts. There are 4 templates for writing, Bio Cube – develop an outline .

Mar 25,  · I am currently planning a Biocube HQI reef tank and after doing some research I've noticed plenty of people talking about 'stock' items on there tank. is an amazing online graphic organizer tool that has countless graphic organizers to help students enhance their writing and reading skills.

You can use this website to help students plan persuasive essays, write biographies, and create timelines- to name just a few. Page 1 of 2 - Coralife Biocube too hot!!

Cardiff Aquarium Kits Cardiff w/ Black Stand & Fluorescent

- posted in Nano Tanks: Hi everyone, I'm new to this forum and new to the hobby. Long story short, I just bought one of the new version Coralife biocube 14g tank as a quarantine/child's room tank.

I have the stock lighting and have a Koralia Nano in the corner opposite the return. Students then create a BioCube utilizing the internet sites provided and the Read Write Think BioCube website.

Students then present their Cubes to the class; since there will inevitably be more than one student assigned to a figure, they can present in twos or threes.

read write and think biocube hqi
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