Seven stages of man

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Seven stages of man

What are the themes of The Seven Ages of Man? It's not a poem. It's a speech from a play. It's said by a character called Jaques in a play called As You Like It, in response to a remark made by the Duke that some people i…n the theatre of life are worse off than Jaques.

Jaques picks up on that and delivers the speech beginning with the words "All the world's a stage". Jaques is a cynical character; he's responding to the Duke's "some people are worse off than you" with "everyone's the same, they go through the same seven stages, just like they were actors playing the same part.

The man in the speech goes through these stages: In this stage he is dependent on others and needs to be constantly attended to. It is in this stage… that he begins to go to school. He is reluctant to leave the protected environment of his home as he is still not confident enough to exercise his own discretion.

As an adolescent, he is awakened to feelings of love. He tries to express feelings through song or some other cultural activity. As a young adult, he embarks on a career. He is very easily aroused and is hot headed.

He is always working towards making a reputation for himself and gaining recognition, however shortlived it may be, even at the cost of his own life. In this stage, he is a mature adult and has acquired wisdom through the many experiences he has had in life.

He has reached a stage where he has gained prosperity and social status. He becomes very attentive to his looks and begins to enjoy the finer things of life.

He begins to lose his charm both physical and mental. He begins to become the brunt of others' jokes. He loses his firmness and assertiveness, and shrinks in stature and personality.


Mental dementia and death: He loses his status and he becomes a non-entity. He becomes dependent on others like a child and is in need of constant support before finally dying.

What are the seven ages of man? The poem is " All the world is a stage". In poem thepoet describes all the seven ages of man and thei…r qualities. Allthe world's a stage is the phrase that begins a monologue, As youlike it,spoken by melancholy Jaques in Act 2 scene 7. Man's history on earth seems to be pitiful and comic.

He has seven distinct stages in his life in this world which appears as characters one after the other in a play.

Seven stages of man

Infant,… school boy, lover, soldier, magistrate, old man and the dying man-all these parts are played by us one after another on the stage that is this world, unless untimely called back to the place where we came from.

A newborn baby kicks and cries in his nurses' arms. The whining school boy with his heavy set of books and a shining morning face creeps like an unwilling snail to his grammar school.

The third stage is that of the lover who has loved and lost who sighs like a hot furnace and sings sad songs about his lost love.

Such sentimentality and unripeness shall be forgiven, as it also is a natural stage in the normal evolvement of the human psyche and physique. Then the stage of the lover strongly and silently evolves into that of the soldier, when sentimentality withdraws and strength appears in its place.

In this stage, which is unusually colourful and lively, he seeks chivalry and glory and is even ready to get into and explode himself inside the cannon's mouth to gain a bubble reputation, though momentary.

Now come the rest three successive stages of the middle aged man, the old man and the dying man, which also we act such extremely well on the stage that if someone stands outside this world and watches us, he would be amazed at how naturally we act. The fifth is a transition period in which man is equipped with the energy of the young and the experience of the old.

How fortunate and prime a time and state to form oneself a statesman!Jan 13,  · From the Tony Awards. The Oscar-winning actor delivers the famous speech from Shakespeare's "As You Like It".

The Seven Ages of Man Poem lyrics of Seven Ages Of Man by William Shakespeare. All the world's a stage, And all the men and women merely players, They have their exits and entrances, And one man in his time plays many parts, His acts being seven ages.

At . This lesson provides students with an opportunity to read, analyze and interpret William Shakespeare's "The Seven Ages of Man." Students are then asked to compare and contrast the different ages of man identified in the monologue and those that they developed as a class prior to reading the text.

Stages 1 through 3 of "The Seven Stages of Life" deal with man's life before adulthood.

Themes of The Seven Ages of Man

Stage 1 is infancy and represents helplessness; Jaques refers to a baby as "puking in a nurse's arms." Stage 2 is a schoolboy who whines because he doesn't want to go to school.

Act 2 Scene 7, Shakespeare has Jaques talk through the ‘seven ages of man’.According to Jaques’ monologue the seven ages of man are: Stage 1, Infancy: A helpless baby, just crying and throwing up.

Man's history on earth seems to be pitiful and comic. He has seven distinct stages in his life in this world which appears as characters one after the other in a play.

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