Target market of full throttle blue demon

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Target market of full throttle blue demon

Redefining " no-look shot " while at it. Give him two, and he's God! Is one gun just not badass enough? As far back as the westerns of the sThe Gunslinger has often strapped on two pistols. Double-fisted firing of handguns just looks cool.

Especially when the shooter hits two different targets with one noisy, confusing volley. Slow-mo leaping and dodging with Bullet Time effects not required, but helpful. This trope is a standard feature of The Western.

Usually the two-gun fighter is just that much better than his opponents, that he can draw two guns in the time it takes them to draw one. In The Old West and The Cavalier Yearscarrying two pistols was a practical result of long reload times on muzzle-loaders although they were never used for suppressive fire like in the trope as well as percussion revolvers and Single Action Revolvers that were loaded one cartridge at a time.

As a matter of fact, real people in these times often wore entire bandoliers of a couple dozen Throw-Away Guns strapped to their body. After break action revolvers and speed-loaders came around, one gun could do all the work. In police oriented shows, procedurals and action shows alike, this trope is largely a villain trait.

The two-gun fighter is usually a destructive psycho with no regard for collateral damage, particularly Two Uzi Guy. Police characters generally use a proper technique, and fire one handgun with both hands.

Also, accuracy of any kind is rather hard to achieve with two guns, especially if you're trying to track two targets at once which the human brain is not really equipped to do — and most times, you'll be lucky if you hit anything you're aiming for at all.

In Animeas in much of Asian action cinema, especially Heroic Bloodshed movies, this trope is one of the primary elements of the art of Gun Fuand the two-gun fighter in these media is often very skilled, able to pick off multiple targets with pinpoint accuracy and able to use his guns as melee weapons as well as other crazy things one would not normally be able to do with a gun.

Sometimes the character has two special guns, with individual names and special properties, hearkening back to the samurai stories about named swords with special enchantments. There are several ways to use Guns Akimbo: Both guns are used for concentrated fire on one target at a time.

1970 AMC Gremlins

The shooter either pulls one trigger and then the other in rapid fire succession commonly called "Woo Style" for its use by characters in John Woo moviesor pulls both triggers at the same time on a single target.

The first variant is most often used with pistols or other non-automatic weapons, while the second variant is usually employed if the shooter is using automatic weapons. Both guns are used separately on different targets. The shooter either alternates fire between each one as the situation warrants for example, mowing several guys down with the submachine gun in your main hand, and then putting down another guy with the Hand Cannon in your other handor uses them both simultaneously on separate targets.

The first variant is most often used when a character has two different guns in hand which, by the way, also occurs quite often in John Woo movies or as a more "realistic" alternative to either of the first two options.of results for "full throttle blue demon" 16 Pack - Full Throttle Energy Drink - Blue Agave - 16 Ounce.

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