That one special friend

This is probably why people feel so much joy when they organize a birthday party and all the friends they have invited show up! Only the best birthday wishes can make loved ones feel special, spouses feel cared for, and even make co-workers or employees feel appreciated. Whether they are sweet and sentimental or if they take the smiling road to a whole-hearted wishing with an impact, birthday messages will not only do the job, but they are going to stir emotions of true happiness. Cute Birthday Wishes As you go through each year, remember to count your blessings, not your age.

That one special friend

This is forever friendship Your forever friend gets you through the hard times, the sad times, and the confused times. If you turn and walk across, your forever friend follows.

If you lose your way, your forever friend holds your hand and tells you that everything is going to be okay. And if you find such a friend, you will feel happy and complete, because you need not worry.

You have a forever friend for life, and forever has no end. What You Are To Me??? A quick glance, a tender smile I am caught in a spell A gentle touch, a warm embrace I know that all too well A soft voice, an unspoken love Across the way I see A kind face, an inner beauty That's what you are to me………… Did Anyone Ever Tell You?

My Cherished Friend The stars in heaven shine so bright, but did you know you were my light? You helped me grow, you set me free, you always saw the best in me. And did you know when days were sad, you always cared, my heart was glad.

My thoughts of you are always sweet, and you have made my life complete. You are my blanket from the storm, your kind embrace will keep me warm. No matter where our lives may go, there is one thing that you should know.

That I will cherish my whole life through, the heartfelt days I've spent with you. You r Milk 4 me to make me Strong! You r Glucose 4me when I have low BP! U r chocolate 4me whenever I want sweet! U r Vitamin C whenever I feel weakness!

U r the most wanted Favorite thing in morning for my full day Freshness! U r the most required Person at night to make my sleep Peaceful! U r the Energy to do every new task Efficiently! U r the Possibility 4me to do Impossible tasks!

U r Confidence to make me speak Confidently! U r the Best Part of my Memories! U r the Heartbeat of my Heart! U r the Pillow of my Bed! U r Key to my success! Portrait of a Friend I can't give solutions to all of life's problems, doubts, or fears.

But I can listen to you, and together we will search for answers.

That one special friend

I can't change your past with all its heartache and pain, nor the future with its untold stories. But I can be there now when you need me to care.Birthdays are special not just for the celebrant but for friends, family and other colleagues as well.

It is the day when everyone can express appreciation and love for the birthday celebrant in different ways. Best friends may be hard to find, but life just wouldn’t be the same without them.

Today is our opportunity to celebrate that one special person in our lives who has always been there for us. Take a moment to send a beautiful free eCard to your best friend today to express how much he or she means to you!

“A friend is one that knows you as you are, understands where you have been, accepts what you have become, and still, gently allows you to grow.” ― William Shakespeare “I would rather walk with a friend in the dark, than alone in the light.”.

Sweet words for my Sweet Friend:) Some Friends Are Forever Sometimes in life, you find a special friend: someone who changes your life by being a part of it. Someone who makes you laugh until you can't stop; someone who makes you believe there is one thing that you should know.

You are my friend You are special You are the only one like you. Like you, my friend, I like you. In the daytime In the nighttime Any time that you feel's the right time For a friendship with me, you see F-R-I-E-N-D special You are my friend You're special to me.

Greater love has no one than this, that someone lay down his life for his friends. Proverbs ESV / helpful votes Helpful Not Helpful Iron sharpens iron, and one man sharpens another.

That One Special Friend, poem by tashaliannex