The nuts and bolts of enforcable

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The nuts and bolts of enforcable

India's economy - oil the nuts and bolts By Kaushik Basu Professor of economics, Cornell University In Singapore, if you wish to set up a new business, the time it will take you to get all the clearances and get started is 8 days. In Hong Kong it would take 11 days. In India it takes 88 days.

Purely in terms of time, let alone the costs of clearing the legal and bureaucratic hurdles and the pressure on the heart, it cannot be easy starting a private business in India. If government can seize this opportunity and fix the nuts and bolts, it can have a lasting effect on the well-being of the citizenry.

India's key business goals - your views If, after you do get started, your firm runs into a dispute over contract violation, the time that it will take to have the contract enforced is one year in India, days in Hong Kong and 50 days in Singapore.

But the real catch in India is not with starting or running a business. It is with getting out of it. If a firm becomes insolvent, in Hong Kong it takes one year to clear all formalities and close the firm; in Singapore less than seven months; and in India a little over 11 years.

Little wonder that Singapore and Hong Kong have new businesses springing up all the time and economies that have been surging ahead. Holding forth In India, politicians and their economic advisers spend a lot of time holding forth on the grander issues of the economy, like privatization and monetary policy.

The new government has pledged to help the poor But each of the three matters pertaining to private business that I mentioned above relates not to these grand policy issues, but to the nuts and bolts of the economy. Of course, the grand policies are important and I will turn to one of them presently.

But what is often overlooked is that the success of a nation depends also on what happens to these small things. Between the new prime minister and the finance minister, India now has an unparalleled professional team at the head. If people can find reward for their enterprise, rely on contracts and promises, and pay their bills and taxes without having to battle a labyrinthine bureaucracy, then government would not have to shoulder the burden of driving the economy.

It would run on its own steam. Anti-corruption drive My recommendation to the new government would be for it to concentrate on a few things and do these well.

Consider the Parties

It must be remembered that the ultimate reason for growing faster is to help the poor First, make a fetish of efficiency. Study the legal and bureaucratic structure that causes delays in the tasks that ordinary people do paying taxes and bills, starting a small business, resolving a dispute and streamline the procedures so as to cut down the task-time not by a little but to maybe one-tenth of what it takes now.

Second, go on an all-out drive to control corruption. This will need intelligence and professional input. In the past, India has gone about this so ham-handedly that it has brought certain industries to a virtual halt by creating endless regulations that often have no perceptible effect on corruption.

The design of corruption-control has to be crafted very carefully, but if top functionaries of government are determined, corruption can be brought down substantially, and this should help industry rather than hinder it.Nuts and Bolts Media may transfer, sub-contract or otherwise deal with Nuts and Bolts Media’s rights and/or obligations under these terms and conditions without notifying you or obtaining your consent.

The nuts and bolts of enforcable

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