The olympic athlete essay

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The olympic athlete essay

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Submit Changes the motivation for competition As a former amateur track and filed athlete, I remember when my only motivation was, that I didn't NEED to be paid to love the sport. Not that pros don't love what they do, but as an amateur, I was focused on testing my abilities against other well prepared athletes, and discovering the limitations of human ability.

The penultimate of that testing, was judged amongst the world's best, and other "like-minded" athletes on a world wide stage of the Olympic Games! No agents, no signing agreements, commercial deals, just GUTS and GLORY, and the satisfaction of accomplishing something that few others would be able to achieve, without the motivation of possible financial gain!

If I benefited financially, after the fact, from what I had accomplished, GREAT, but I could go to my grave with nothing more than the sheer knowledge that I was amongst the best in the world!

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Even if they were financially rewarded, with endorsement deals, for their accomplishments, afterwards, it was not something, that they heralded greater than simply just being apart of competition.

I believe that athletes of today's Olympic games, are cheated out of the TRUE glory of Amateurism,…, solely for the love of their sport, and knowing that they represented their country well!Not all athletes answered every question.

The olympic athlete essay

The athletes interviewed included Olympians and Olympic hopefuls, 94 Americans and 11 international athletes, and 42 . Olympics where held in Athens (Greece) in From then onwards the modern Olympic Games are being held once in every four years. There was a break, however, during the period of World War – I and World War –II.

The 20 th Olympics were held in at Munich (Germany). Later Olympics were held at Montreal, Moscow, Los Angeles, Seoul and Barcelona. She went on to support young athletes and older, retired Olympic veterans through the Alice Coachman Track and Field Foundation.

Early Years Alice Coachman .

Olympic Athletes Should be tested for drugs before hey compete in the games

The Olympics, which occurs every four years, is one of the world’s greatest sporting events. Inspired by the ancient Olympics in Greece, the modern games began in and were long known as a bastion for amateurism with professionals being unable to compete in the games.

Many of the athletes competing at the Olympic Games taking place now in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, are big-time fans of bodywork. Consider the coverage of Olympic athlete Bralon Taplin, a meter runner from Grenada, shown using the tapping technique called .

Title IX and the Rise of Female Athletes in America Title IX states that, “No person in the United States shall, on the basis of sex, be excluded from participation in, be denied the benefits of, or be subjected to discrimination under any educational program or activity receiving Federal financial assistance.”.

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