Virgin corporate strategy case study

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Virgin corporate strategy case study

Corporate Rationale The Virgin Group comprises of an assorted mix of businesses. The Virgin has group diversified into businesses. Please see Figure 1 below: A personal philosophy and a personal persona that is revered and respected by the British public and beyond.

Thus the word Virgin and Sir Richard Branson are almost interchangeable. The Virgin brand name is by far the most important asset to the company. This fact was capitalised on; in British advertisements for Apple Computers.

Sir Richard Branson, tired of the public listings obligations and corporate bureaucracy sought to take the business back into private ownership.

His understandings lead him to believe that sacrificing short-term profits for long-term growth was the way the business should be geared. As for corporate bureaucracy its significance in the Virgin Group, was reduced profoundly.

No real sense of management hierarchy can be found in the group except for when it comes to marketing and promotion issues, Sir Richard Branson would take a more involved role. By proving such freedom, managers would inevitably feel more of a sense of responsibility, ownership and would try their up most to make a success of it.

Sir Richard Branson knew this fact. He was providing an enriching atmosphere in which managers would flourish just as he had done.

How Virgin Does It

Its not surprising then, that management recruited carefully selected individuals to be innovative people, pioneers in their field, and to have the competitive streak in their personalities. It was also of importance for candidates to be able to share values and to work effectively as team players.

The key emphasis was in innovation and differentiation. The aim was to offer more for less and that each company was truly a Virgin in its own field. The Virgin Group sought a challenge in ever venture.

They would aim to provide better quality products than any competitor in a complacent market. The key point is that the market to be entered must be still in its growing phase. To establish the virginity of a venture, so to speak in an institutionalised market extensive research was conducted into the static market to derive whether some sort of niche can be achieved and thus satisfied.

Sir Richard Branson and his team deployed their 5 point criteria, to which 4 out of the 5 must be met by a new venture before giving the final go ahead. What my latest video on Youtube: There answer to that question is an exceptionally well marketed, promoted and trusted brand name.

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It also has the effect of transferring all the marketing and promotional endeavours up to the present for that specific venture respectively. Thus many businesses outside the Virgin Group have shown their interest through joint ventures.

Examples of the power of the Virgin brand name can be concluded from the various joint ventures that have been formed.

All business within the Virgin Empire as mentioned in the Corporate Rationale section sacrificed short-term profits to gain long term growth and used an autonomous business level decision making method. Managers are free to make decisions independently for growth and feel the same degree of ownership and values that any other manager in the Virgin group would feel.

Value Adding The Virgin Group, as a corporate parent does value to its business. It is achieved by the following points: Limiting Risk in joint Ventures Any company, corporation or organisation in a joint venture with the Virgin Group has the benefit of limiting its risk in the market place.

This reiterates the point made in the last paragraph. Management are not restricted A flat management structure helps encourage innovation; provides flexibility and promotes the values of shared ownership and responsibility.

The Group acquires like-minded partners in ventures who match their ability to innovate and differentiate.

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These collective innovative thoughts and ideas are applied directly into business; which most often bare fruit. For example Virgin Mobile formulated partnerships with existing telecommunications operators to retail in mobile services. The Virgin management team successfully identified that the complacency was in the handling of network management.

Their innovation led them to promote unique services that shock-up the market. Irrespective of the fact that Virgin Mobile did not actually operate it own network it had won the best wireless in the UK.

Virgin corporate strategy case study

This proved to be dangerous byas Virgin seemed to rely entirely on the profits of Virgin Atlantic. Deregulation increased the competition in the market place. All in all most compositors were experiencing losses.Virgin Group Strategic Development 1.

Strategic Development at Virgin Case Study 2. Content Overview. Virgin’s origin and history. Richard Branson. Virgin Growth. Corporate Rationale.

Corporate Parenting.

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Challenges facing the group Corporate future strategy. Branson’s departure. Definition of Pricing Strategy in Marketing. Pricing strategy in marketing is the pursuit of identifying the optimum price for a product.

This strategy is combined with the other marketing. Managing corporate change is one of the biggest challenges facing organizations.

This lesson compares two theories of corporate change, theory E and theory O, and the reasons why many. Case Study Of The Virgin Group. Print Reference this. Disclaimer: he managed to convince fellow stakeholders in adoption of a new strategy. Integration of corporate values in leadership strategies means that there is little interference by external forces (Werdigier , pp.

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Gilles Mongis, Head of P&C Retail Strategy, AXA Group.

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